Source code for MyCapytain.resources.collections.cts

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
.. module:: MyCapytain.resources.xml
   :synopsis: XML based CtsTextMetadata and repository

.. moduleauthor:: Thibault Clérice <>

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from rdflib import URIRef, Literal
from rdflib.namespace import XSD
from lxml.objectify import IntElement, FloatElement

from MyCapytain.resources.prototypes.cts import inventory as cts
from MyCapytain.common.reference import Citation as CitationPrototype
from MyCapytain.common.utils import xmlparser, expand_namespace
from MyCapytain.common.constants import XPATH_NAMESPACES, Mimetypes, RDF_NAMESPACES

[docs]class XmlCtsCitation(CitationPrototype): """ XmlCtsCitation XML implementation for CtsTextInventoryMetadata """
[docs] @staticmethod def ingest(resource, element=None, xpath="ti:citation"): """ Ingest xml to create a citation :param resource: XML on which to do xpath :param element: Element where the citation should be stored :param xpath: XPath to use to retrieve citation :return: XmlCtsCitation """ # Reuse of of find citation results = resource.xpath(xpath, namespaces=XPATH_NAMESPACES) if len(results) > 0: citation = XmlCtsCitation( name=results[0].get("label"), xpath=results[0].get("xpath"), scope=results[0].get("scope") ) if isinstance(element, XmlCtsCitation): element.child = citation XmlCtsCitation.ingest( resource=results[0], element=element.child ) else: element = citation XmlCtsCitation.ingest( resource=results[0], element=element ) return citation return None
[docs]def xpathDict(xml, xpath, cls, parent, **kwargs): """ Returns a default Dict given certain information :param xml: An xml tree :type xml: etree :param xpath: XPath to find children :type xpath: str :param cls: Class identifying children :type cls: inventory.Resource :param parent: Parent of object :type parent: CtsCollection :rtype: collections.defaultdict.<basestring, inventory.Resource> :returns: Dictionary of children """ for child in xml.xpath(xpath, namespaces=XPATH_NAMESPACES): cls.parse( resource=child, parent=parent, **kwargs )
def __parse_structured_metadata__(obj, xml): """ Parse an XML object for structured metadata :param obj: Object whose metadata are parsed :param xml: XML that needs to be parsed """ for metadata in xml.xpath("cpt:structured-metadata/*", namespaces=XPATH_NAMESPACES): tag = metadata.tag if "{" in tag: ns, tag = tuple(tag.split("}")) tag = URIRef(ns[1:]+tag) s_m = str(metadata) if s_m.startswith("urn:") or s_m.startswith("http:") or s_m.startswith("https:") or s_m.startswith("hdl:"): obj.metadata.add( tag, URIRef(metadata) ) elif '{}lang' in metadata.attrib: obj.metadata.add( tag, s_m, lang=metadata.attrib['{}lang'] ) else: if "{}datatype" in metadata.attrib: datatype = metadata.attrib["{}datatype"] if not datatype.startswith("http") and ":" in datatype: datatype = expand_namespace(metadata.nsmap, datatype) obj.metadata.add(tag, Literal(s_m, datatype=URIRef(datatype))) elif isinstance(metadata, IntElement): obj.metadata.add(tag, Literal(int(metadata), datatype=XSD.integer)) elif isinstance(metadata, FloatElement): obj.metadata.add(tag, Literal(float(metadata), datatype=XSD.float)) else: obj.metadata.add(tag, s_m)
[docs]class XmlCtsTextMetadata(cts.CtsTextMetadata): """ Represents a CTS CtsTextMetadata """ DEFAULT_EXPORT = Mimetypes.PYTHON.ETREE @staticmethod def __findCitations(obj, xml, xpath="ti:citation"): """ Find citation in current xml. Used as a loop for xmlparser() :param xml: Xml resource to be parsed :param xpath: Xpath to use to retrieve the xml node """
[docs] @staticmethod def parse_metadata(obj, xml): """ Parse a resource to feed the object :param obj: Obj to set metadata of :type obj: XmlCtsTextMetadata :param xml: An xml representation object :type xml: lxml.etree._Element """ for child in xml.xpath("ti:description", namespaces=XPATH_NAMESPACES): lg = child.get("{}lang") if lg is not None: obj.set_cts_property("description", child.text, lg) for child in xml.xpath("ti:label", namespaces=XPATH_NAMESPACES): lg = child.get("{}lang") if lg is not None: obj.set_cts_property("label", child.text, lg) obj.citation = XmlCtsCitation.ingest(xml, obj.citation, "ti:online/ti:citationMapping/ti:citation") # Added for commentary for child in xml.xpath("ti:about", namespaces=XPATH_NAMESPACES): obj.set_link(RDF_NAMESPACES.CTS.term("about"), child.get('urn')) __parse_structured_metadata__(obj, xml) """ online = xml.xpath("ti:online", namespaces=NS) if len(online) > 0: online = online[0] obj.docname = online.get("docname") for validate in online.xpath("ti:validate", namespaces=NS): obj.validate = validate.get("schema") for namespaceMapping in online.xpath("ti:namespaceMapping", namespaces=NS): obj.metadata["namespaceMapping"][namespaceMapping.get("abbreviation")] = namespaceMapping.get("nsURI") """
[docs]class XmlCtsEditionMetadata(cts.CtsEditionMetadata, XmlCtsTextMetadata): """ Create an edition subtyped CtsTextMetadata object """
[docs] @staticmethod def parse(resource, parent=None): xml = xmlparser(resource) o = XmlCtsEditionMetadata(urn=xml.get("urn"), parent=parent) XmlCtsEditionMetadata.parse_metadata(o, xml) return o
[docs]class XmlCtsTranslationMetadata(cts.CtsTranslationMetadata, XmlCtsTextMetadata): """ Create a translation subtyped CtsTextMetadata object """
[docs] @staticmethod def parse(resource, parent=None): xml = xmlparser(resource) lang = xml.get("{}lang") o = XmlCtsTranslationMetadata(urn=xml.get("urn"), parent=parent) if lang is not None: o.lang = lang XmlCtsTranslationMetadata.parse_metadata(o, xml) return o
[docs]class XmlCtsCommentaryMetadata(cts.CtsCommentaryMetadata, XmlCtsTextMetadata): """ Create a commentary subtyped PrototypeText object """
[docs] @staticmethod def parse(resource, parent=None): xml = xmlparser(resource) lang = xml.get("{}lang") o = XmlCtsCommentaryMetadata(urn=xml.get("urn"), parent=parent) if lang is not None: o.lang = lang XmlCtsCommentaryMetadata.parse_metadata(o, xml) return o
[docs]class XmlCtsWorkMetadata(cts.CtsWorkMetadata): """ Represents a CTS Textgroup in XML """
[docs] @staticmethod def parse(resource, parent=None): """ Parse a resource :param resource: Element rerpresenting a work :param type: basestring, etree._Element :param parent: Parent of the object :type parent: XmlCtsTextgroupMetadata """ xml = xmlparser(resource) o = XmlCtsWorkMetadata(urn=xml.get("urn"), parent=parent) lang = xml.get("{}lang") if lang is not None: o.lang = lang for child in xml.xpath("ti:title", namespaces=XPATH_NAMESPACES): lg = child.get("{}lang") if lg is not None: o.set_cts_property("title", child.text, lg) # Parse children xpathDict(xml=xml, xpath='ti:edition', cls=XmlCtsEditionMetadata, parent=o) xpathDict(xml=xml, xpath='ti:translation', cls=XmlCtsTranslationMetadata, parent=o) # Added for commentary xpathDict(xml=xml, xpath='ti:commentary', cls=XmlCtsCommentaryMetadata, parent=o) __parse_structured_metadata__(o, xml) return o
[docs]class XmlCtsTextgroupMetadata(cts.CtsTextgroupMetadata): """ Represents a CTS Textgroup in XML """
[docs] @staticmethod def parse(resource, parent=None): """ Parse a textgroup resource :param resource: Element representing the textgroup :param parent: Parent of the textgroup """ xml = xmlparser(resource) o = XmlCtsTextgroupMetadata(urn=xml.get("urn"), parent=parent) for child in xml.xpath("ti:groupname", namespaces=XPATH_NAMESPACES): lg = child.get("{}lang") if lg is not None: o.set_cts_property("groupname", child.text, lg) # Parse Works xpathDict(xml=xml, xpath='ti:work', cls=XmlCtsWorkMetadata, parent=o) __parse_structured_metadata__(o, xml) return o
[docs]class XmlCtsTextInventoryMetadata(cts.CtsTextInventoryMetadata): """ Represents a CTS Inventory file """
[docs] @staticmethod def parse(resource): """ Parse a resource :param resource: Element representing the text inventory :param type: basestring, etree._Element """ xml = xmlparser(resource) o = XmlCtsTextInventoryMetadata(name=xml.xpath("//ti:TextInventory", namespaces=XPATH_NAMESPACES)[0].get("tiid") or "") # Parse textgroups xpathDict(xml=xml, xpath='//ti:textgroup', cls=XmlCtsTextgroupMetadata, parent=o) return o