Source code for MyCapytain.resolvers.utils

from MyCapytain.errors import UndispatchedTextError

__all__ = [

[docs]class CollectionDispatcher: """ Collection Dispatcher provides a utility to divide automatically texts and collections \ into different collections :param collection: The root collection :param default_inventory_name: The default name of the default collection """ def __init__(self, collection, default_inventory_name=None): self.collection = collection if default_inventory_name is None: default_inventory_name = list(self.collection.children.values())[0].id self.__methods__ = [(default_inventory_name, lambda x, **kwargs: True)] @property def methods(self): """ List of methods to dispatch resources. Each element is a tuple with two elements : - First one is the inventory identifier to dispatch to - Second one is a function which, if returns true, will activate dispatching to given :rtype: List """ return self.__methods__
[docs] def add(self, func, inventory_name): """ Register given function as a filter. If this function "func" returns True when given an object, said object will be dispatched to \ Collection(inventory_name) :param func: Callable :param inventory_name: Identifier of the collection to dispatch to """ self.methods.append((inventory_name, func))
[docs] def inventory(self, inventory_name): """ Decorator to register filters for given inventory. For a function "abc", it has the same effect :param inventory_name: :return: .. code-block:: python tic = CtsTextInventoryCollection() latin = CtsTextInventoryMetadata("urn:perseus:latinLit", parent=tic) latin.set_label("Classical Latin", "eng") dispatcher = CollectionDispatcher(tic) @dispatcher.inventory("urn:perseus:latinLit") def dispatchLatinLit(collection, path=None, **kwargs): if"urn:cts:latinLit:"): return True return False """ def decorator(f): self.add(func=f, inventory_name=inventory_name) return f return decorator
[docs] def dispatch(self, collection, **kwargs): """ Dispatch a collection using internal filters :param collection: Collection object :param kwargs: Additional keyword arguments that could be used by internal filters :return: None :raises: """ for inventory, method in self.methods[::-1]: if method(collection, **kwargs) is True: collection.parent = self.collection.children[inventory] return raise UndispatchedTextError("CapitainsCtsText not dispatched %s" %